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Happy Halloween!

Spiel 2011 - It is getting worse every year
Once upon a time there was a fair for oldfashioned gamers who do not need a computer for roleplaying games. But now it seems the nerds, RPG fans or LARP fans are no longer welcome on this fair, the prices are to high for the smaller publishers. The organizer seem not to value this old tradition of 30 years. Very sad, I am happy that I wasn' t there this year.

Here is a German article about it:


Berserk – a series of Films
The new Berserk Anime will tell the story from the beginning. Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler (Ōgon Jidai-Hen I: Haō no Tamago) will be in cinema in Japan january 2012.


No news...good news
fallen angel
News or better an entry about my most hated topic at the moment concerning audiobooks. It is written German.


I will be back soon...
vampire modus
The waiting will be over soon :) Not only for a new entry here but also for the next season of True Blood.



The audio drama disaster
angry 2
I always loved the German radio dramas and supported all labels by buying their products. But one after another they go down. And why…….the producers can’t make enough money with it and let a good story die just in the middle of a story arc so that nobody will know the end except for the writer. So nobody wants to buy audio dramas anymore because they will eventually end and left you with a another half told story. It is the same with TV shows and everything else in entertainment whats produced in an industry. It really sucks…….the newst victim is Lausch a very good label once and now a poor excuse for a company that only wanted to make money without idealism. Goodbye to good stories like Schwarze Sonne.

The Vampires - a new German Vampire Magazine
vampire modus 02
See the Review Here:

Berserk – a series of Films
I just found some news about the fantasy anime project Berserk. It is said that there will a series of films for the Big Screen in Japan maybe in june 2011 in japanese cinemas. No details known for now. I hope that Gackt who did the voice over in the trailer I posted will be part as an voice artist.

German Radio Dramas

German Radio Dramas for all those who cannot speak German.

Independent bands and the Mainstream
drool 1 - bloody angel

I added a new topic to my online fanzine: Your opinion. That's the first topic: Independent bands and the Mainstream